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Sitemason - Build on Us


Heal sooner. Feel better. Live longer. The unceasing quest for improvement of our physical well-being means the healthcare and technology industries will, now and forevermore, be wed. Thanks to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), at least some aspect of the marriage of healthcare and technology includes a “prenup.” You could say that they’re “joined at the “HIPAA” (laughter is the best medicine). But this relationship really involves a lot more than just “covered entities” and “business associates.” The technology behind any healthcare product or service is just that- technology. And like anything that we want to help us heal sooner, feel better and live longer, we don’t want it to neglect safety, security, reliability and efficacy. 

The Sitemason team possesses a wealth of experience and expertise to prescribe the right solution for your healthcare business.  Our HIPAA-trained staff can assess your needs, risks, costs and desired outcomes and develop the architecture to successfully launch your platform or app.

We serve clients in several areas related to healthcare:

  • Hospitals
  • Doctor offices
  • University research centers
  • Medical associations
  • Non-profit health services
  • Product retailers
  • Benefits providers
  • Aging and Disability Services

We offer solutions in the areas of:

  • Feasibility Study/Discovery  
  • Moving to the cloud (including HIPAA compliant hosting)
  • App or platform architecture
  • Advanced data security
  • Custom development
  • Project management

Healthcare technology without a safe and sound technology plan is as practical as seeking medical attention from your barber. Contact us today to see how we can help your technology heal sooner, feel better and live longer. We even make house calls!