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GICA member institutions are able to participate in the Southern Regional Education Board’s Electronic Campus as a benefit of membership. There are many benefits to the Electronic Campus, with state authorization assistance among them.  Please begin the process for inclusion by reviewing the Getting Started with SREB slideshow.



Quick links to the documents referred to in the Getting Started slideshow include the following: 


      Reading Materials:


      Forms and Rubrics:


      Entering Data in the SREB System Once Approved:



Submission Details

Institutions need to complete the "Course" or "Program" "Nomination and Certification Form" as a part of the course/program approval.  In addition to this document, the institution must provide a letter on institutional letterhead indicating compliance to the Principles of Good Practice (.pdf in above list) and a course syllabi for the course.  Completed materials for consideration by the Review Team should be submitted electronically to Dr. Carrie Mata, Director of Research at The GICA Review Team strives to review completed submission paperwork for courses and programs within two-weeks of submission, although this timeline may be extended during legislative session or for review of large number of courses at once.  Once a decision is reached, the Review Team will promptly convey the decision to the applicant and forward materials to SREB for inclusion.

For any questions or concerns, please contact Carolyn Mata at 404-233-5433 ext. 23.