Scollay Says Justify Not Lame

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7:00 pm EDT
Following Tuesday Examination
By Dick Downey
Mary Scollay on behalf of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission examined Kentucky Derby winner Justity today in response to a complaint filed by PETA and circulated on social media. There were social media posts by others as well saying Justiy was favoring a hind foot on Sunday morning when he was brought out for media and fans.
Scollay said she couldn't find any evidence of scratches, a skin irritation mentioned by Bob Baffert on Sunday. She said she also couldn't find any evidence of lameness on examination Tuesday morning.
The findings of Scollay, a veterinarian, were first reported early this evening by the Louisville Courier-Journal. Scollay said that in addition to checking on the Kentucky Derby winner, she spoke with Kevin Dunlavy, the practicing veterinarian at Churchill Downs.
Without specifically attributing a source, the Courier-Journal reported that the horse is recovering from a foot bruise.
"As long as he continues to train well and keeps his energy level up like he was coming into Derby, I don't see why not," Baffert said regarding Justify's status for the Preakness.
According to the Courier-Journal, Scollay said she would not speculate on whether Justify would be healthy for the Preakness, but she said she "wouldn't have any reservations" about the plan to run him.