Mastery Looks Comfortable, Is Eating

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4:52 pm EDT

More About Condylar Fracture

By Dick Downey

Celebration of Mastery's win of the San Felipe was short-lived when Mike Smith pulled him up during the gallop-out, saying the colt was off. About an hour later it was confirmed by Bob Baffert the colt sustained a condylar fracture.

According to the New Vocations website, a condylar fracture is a slab fracture of the lower end of the cannon bone and is caused by stress accumulation on the weight bearing cannon bone resulting in damage to the bone.

Treatments include support bandages, anti-inflammatory drugs, stall rest for 30-60 days and 3-4 months off depending on the severity of the fracture. Screws can be placed to compress the bone back together, which speeds in the recovery and often improves the strength of the fetlock. Any small fragments found would be removed at that time. Surgery to place screws in Mastery's fracture is set for Monday.

Depending on the location and severity of the fracture, some horses have been rehabbed following surgery and have returned to racing.

Sunday morning, Baffert said Mastery “was eating and looked comfortable, but the most important thing now is to focus on his well-being. Our emotions went from the highest of the highs after he won to the lowest of the lows. Obviously what happened is pretty disappointing. But in this game you have to keep things in perspective. It could have been worse.”

Iliad, Term of Art

Iliad and Term of Art, second and third behind Mastery in the San Felipe Stakes, are being pointed to the Santa Anita Derby, according to Doug O’Neill assistant Leandro Mora.

“Both horses looked good this morning, and the Santa Anita Derby is what we’re looking at,” Mora said today.