Shared Belief Drama Ticks On

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6:37 pm EST

Commentary by Dick Downey

At this point it appears highly unlikely that Shared Belief will make the Robert B Lewis Stakes on Feb. 8, but is the Kentucky Derby out of the question for him?

After winning the CashCall futurity on Dec. 14, Shared Belief put in workouts on Dec. 22 at Betfair Hollywood Park, Dec. 28 at Santa Anita, and Jan. 3 at Santa Anita.

Those works were six days apart. The gelding's next scheduled work was reported to have been set for Jan. 12, nine days after his last one. Now faced with no recorded workouts for three weeks, it appears highly unlikely that Shared Belief could make a grade II race 15 days from now, especially given trainer Jerry Hollendorfer's attitude about the matter.

He was reported to have said today, "I don't have any news for the next 15 days." Hollendorfer is upset with the turf media for speculation and rumors surrounding Sheard Belief's difficulties with a front foot abscess. This is not the demeanor of a man who's good with the way things are going with his top Kentucky Derby prospect.

I heard a person state on the radio late this afternoon that there is no way Shared Belief can make the Kentucky Derby. The person did not state the factual basis for this conclusion. Perhaps the person knows facts that weren't stated, but the person should have shared them if that is the case. Without those facts being shared, I don't see how a foot abscess that popped up during the first 10 days in January necessarily means a horse cannot make the Kentucky Derby on the first Saturday in May.

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