Triple Crown Nominees on Our Lists

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5:06 pm EST

By Dick Downey
Updated Feb. 5, 2012 @ 8:02 a.m.

A comparison of the early Triple Crown nominees to our lists leaves Looking Good unscathed, Worth Watching pretty much unaffected, and some horses to be deleted from Just In Case.

All 13 horses listed on Looking Good were nominated to the Triple Crown.

Of 53 horses listed on Worth Watching, seven weren't nominated to the Triple Crown. Considering that nominations closed Jan. 21, it's a little surprising that they don't include two horses that raced today in Derby Trail races, Burning Time and Isn't He Clever. The others are Apprehender, Finale, Hammers Terror, Indian Ambush and Right to Vote.

Indian Ambush was not really a surprise -- he had not put in a workout since Jan. 7.

We'll delete Finale and Indian Ambush from our lists now but retain the others on our Just In Case list. There'll be a note with their profiles stating that they weren't early-nominated.

Of 43 horses on Just In Case, these 13 weren't nominated. All of them will be deleted from our lists except Big Wedesday and King Crusader: Alsvid, Ancient Rome, Angelofdistinction, Big Wednesday, Deliburnsky, Glib, King and Crusader, Majestic City, Mr. Prankster, Pollard's Boy, Real Power, Sum of the Parts and Tiz Tee Time.

Feb. 5 Addendum: We will also retain Mr. Prankster on Just In Case.