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Sitemason - Build on Us


“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.” 

-G.K. Chesterton

There may never be a time, at least in the foreseeable future, when educational institutions are able to do all that they want when it comes to an online strategy. Frankly, there is no limit. Public or private, K-12 or higher ed, there are so many audiences: prospective students, prospective faculty, donors and patrons, parents, campers, sports fans, sports competitors, alumni, incoming students, current students, current faculty, the local community, media, visitors, security personnel, non-faculty staff, employment applicants, volunteers, patients, sibling schools, field trip and travel coordinators. 

Whether a school has one person or a staff of 20 communication specialists, a reliable, comprehensive online resource that enables a school to effectively interact with all interested stakeholders is essential. As diverse as they are in size, mission and strategic plan, educational institutions share a common goal when it comes to their online approach: deliver and receive timely, helpful information in the most effective way. As simple as it may sound, it’s not.   

Sitemason serves both K-12 and higher ed with a secure foundation that enables institutions to accomplish their many goals- a platform with specialized tools for just the right kind of tasks for any kind of school. What might that look like? Here are some possibilities:

  • Searchable faculty directory
  • Online applications
  • Press releases and timely news announcements
  • Interactive events calendar
  • Bookstore
  • Faculty and class pages/blogs
  • Intranet for internal communication
  • HIPAA compliant apps
  • Team pages
  • Interactive campus maps
  • Streaming

What lasting impact will your school have on the world? Let Sitemason introduce you to the endless possibilities of pursuing your mission for the next generation.