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Interface Structure

The Sitemason® interface has several components:

  • Panel: The primary and overall interface component is a panel.  Every panel contains a sidebar with vertically-oriented tabs (both content tabs and settings tabs) and buttons, as well as a content area on the left portion of the panel.  Examples of panels include the initial site panel you see when you first log in and the panels that slide out after you click on a Tool, an Item, or a settings tab.

    Each panel consists of three sub-components:
    • Tabs: Every panel contains one or more tabs that display in the top of the panel's right sidebar. Content tabs control what is displayed in the content area of the panel.
    • Settings: Most panels have at least one settings tab displayed beneath the content tabs.  Tapping a settings tab displays a panel of settings.
    • Content: Every tab has content that displays in the main (left) area of the panel. The content may be a list of Sitemason Items or fields for storing data.  In the case of a list of Items, selecting an Item within the list will display another panel.


As the primary component of Sitemason's interface, panels are the starting point for customizing the interface.  Each panel is referenced by its name.

Site-Level Panels

  • sitePanel: The main panel of the interface.  This panel contains all the Tools and Folders of the site.
  • siteSettingsPanel: Accessed by tapping a settings tab from within the sitePanel, this panel contains site-wide settings and the DNS manager.

The Site-level panels cannot be customized.

Tool-Level Panels

  • toolPanel: Accessed by tapping a Tool from within the sitePanel.  Depending whether or not the Tool is a list-based Tool, the toolPanel will either display a page or a list of items, tags, tag groups, and subscriptions.
  • tagPanel: This provides editing of a tag and is accessed from the Tags tab in the toolPanel.
  • tagGroupPanel: This provides editing of a tag group and is accessed from the Tag Groups tab in the toolPanel.
  • subscriptionPanel: This contains a list of subscriptions for editing and is accessed from the Subscriptions tab in the toolPanel.
  • toolSettingsPanel: This panel contains the Tool's settings and is accessed from a settings tab in the toolPanel.

Item-Level Panels

  • itemPanel: This panel provides editing for Sitemason Items.  It is accessed by tapping an Item from the list of Items in the toolPanel.

Icon Class Names