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If you don't see changes defined in your custom interface file, there are four possibilities.

  1. Mismatch: The custom interface file isn't matching to the Tool. Check to be sure the slug of the Tool you are viewing matches to the slug defined in the Custom Interfaces tab or that the tool types match.
  2. Browser caching: Browsers sometimes cling to included Javascript files more than regular web pages. Clear your browser's cache and do a force reload on the Sitemason® interface page.
  3. Invalid Javascript file: The custom interface file may not be valid Javascript. Check your browser's error console for Javascript errors.
  4. Unavailable Javascript file: Test the URL entered in the Custom Interfaces tab to be sure it will open in a browser window.

Getting Help

If you have questions about interface customization, or anything regarding Sitemason® development, please post to our Developer Support Forum:


For a complete listing of all functionality, please see the Sitemason® Interface Programming Reference.