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Sitemason - Build on Us

Interface Overview

The standard Sitemason® Tools provide a good foundation for typical website needs, but generally have many more fields (and even tabs containing fields) that are required to do the job.  Unused fields simply clutter up the interface and can cause confusion for content editors, who must keep track of which fields are in use.  Ideally, the unused fields should be removed.

Additionally, many times a website will require using a Tool for a fundamentally different purpose that what it was intended to do.  One typical example is a staff directory.  Sitemason has no Staff Directory Tool, but since a staff directory is typically a list, any list-based Tool could be re-tasked to fit the need, with each Item of that Tool representing a staff member.  In this case, it would be ideal to go beyond simply removing unnecessary fields - ideally, this re-purposed News tool should be renamed to "Staff Directory," fields should be re-labeled ("Title" could become "Name", "Subtitle" could become "Position," and "Tags" could become "Departments" - tagging each staff member with his or her department for sorting - and so forth).

Both scenarios described above are possible by customizing Sitemason's interface.  Tabs, list columns, content, and fields can be added, removed, and renamed. Only a basic understanding of Javascript is required, but with more-advanced knowledge of Javascript, complex interface customizations can be possible.

This section will introduce you to the process of Sitemason interface customization.