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Sites Built on Sitemason [blog]

If your clients are like most, they want to know what a platform can do, and the best way to demonstrate that is visually. Sitemason periodically publishes a recap of all the great websites built on Sitemason as a sort of running portfolio of our partner's work. It's a great way of showing off the possibilities with Sitemason.

September 18, 2013     May 3, 2013     August, 29, 2012     May 29, 2012     

How Much Does a Website Cost? [blog]

It's the first question we get asked, and the answer is never as simple as one would expect. We're publishing  a blog series dissecting the costs, cost-drivers, and value in developing a website. Links are here for Part 1 and Part 2

Higher Education Marketing Brochure [pdf]

The Higher Education Marketing Brochure is a one-sheet for Partners to provide educators a simple overview of what's possible on the Sitemason platform. It highlights common Higher Ed features like multi-user management, calendar of events, and custom forms. 


Our Partners Explaining the Benefits of Sitemason

Our Staff Introducing Sitemason 6

Welcome to Sitemason for New Users

Sitemason Training Guide Template [zip]

The Training Guide Template is the document we use to draft custom training materials for our client and partner projects. It's a modular Keynote presentation (Powerpoint also included, but no promises on translation of layouts) with room to create additional pages where suplemental or custom instructions can be easily written. 

The Open Sans font files, used liberally throughout Sitemason's various assets, are also included. 

Estimate Guide [pdf]

Every project has unique development requirements, but a lot of similar pieces are needed for most. The Sitemason Estimate Guide is our go to document to boil down all of our decades of experience into a simple guide for estimating development projects on an hourly basis.  It goes hand-in-hand with our "How Much Does a Website Cost?" blog series. Part 1 is here, and Part 2 here

Commerce Questionnaire [pdf]

The Sitemason Commerce Questionnaire is an exhaustive attempt to completely understand the products and process of a seller for the purpose of building an online store. Uncovering exceptions and processes for selling online can be a time consuming effort, but it's well worth the time spent on the front-end of a project instead of stumbling across special rules during development. More on the case for the Commerce Questionnaire on our blog. 

Launch Checklist [pdf]

The process of taking a website live has many moving parts. With this guide, Sitemason provides a basic list of common requirements for launching a website. It includes basic project details, but more importantly, a list of necessary considerations for launching a website including email, DNS, domain registration, and launch details.

Sitemason Logos [zip]

For the media, or those wanting to add confidence to a website by adding "Built on Sitemason" to their site, we provide Sitemason's logos in various formats. Click here to download all logo files and PSDs of taglines in both black and white here, or below to download your preferred format. 

  For Light Backgrounds  For Dark Backgrounds
SVG Sitemason Logo w/ Black Tagline SVG Sitemason Logo w/ White Tagline SVG
PNG Sitemason Logo w/ Black Tagline PNG Sitemason Logo w/ White Tagline PNG
SVG Sitemason Logo Stacked w/ Black Tagline SVG Sitemason Logo Stacked w/ White Tagline SVG
PNG Sitemason Logo Stacked w/ Black Tagline PNG Sitemason Logo Stacked w/ White Tagline PNG


Cyber Liability Policy [pdf]

Cyber Liability Insurance is a specialized coverage for online business. Sitemason maintains a professional liability policy to cover our partners and clients in the unlikely event of a cataclysmic failure. This is an essential policy for a company you entrust with your business online, and Sitemason is proud to protect our customers from the unforeseen.

Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) [pdf]

The Voluntary Product Accessibility Template®, or VPAT®, is a tool outlined by the Information Technology Industry Council to document a product's conformance with the accessibility standards under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. The purpose of the VPAT is to assist buyers in making preliminary assessments regarding the availability of commercial "Electronic and Information Technology" products and services with features that support accessibility.

A VPAT is often required by federally funded organizations as part of a broader Request for Proposal (RFP). The Sitemason VPAT is available to assist clients and partners for compliance in completing these highly regulated projects.