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Does the architect install the plumbing? Does the showroom floor manager do the tune-ups? Does the surgeon change the bedpan? Probably not. The best work is done collaboratively. And yet, some people expect one person to design, lay out, program and host the website. Our partnerships are intended to empower everyone to focus on what they do best. We want to be the yin to your yang, the Scotty Pippen to your Michael Jordan, the Garfunkel to your Simon, the Laurel to your Hardy. Let us be your partner. We'll be the KITT to your Michael Knight. It will be a partnership you can build on!

Watch Our Existing Partners Explain the Benefits


  • Showcase your portfolio and promote what you’re best at.
  • Get referrals for new business.
  • Guest Blog program. We send web traffic to you by co-publishing your articles on our blog and you'll have access to posting Sitemason articles  to your blog as well. 
  • No competition from the Sitemason team- we don’t design websites so you can trust your customers and prospects with us.
  • Customer retention- We act as a liaison between our partners and end-users. We’ll let you know if your customer needs to hear from you about new business, a problem or concern.
  • Available for consultation on web projects. Not sure if the end user’s site needs can be met? Contact us.
  • Assistance with site development strategies- custom developed site or something out of the ordinary? Our experienced programming team knows the pitfalls and challenges of advanced programming. 
  • No more site help desk support calls! The site goes live and you focus on your next creative project. We'll support the customer's CMS and hosting needs.
  • No more web hosting challenges. Did you choose a web hosting company because of the great deals they offer to designers only to find out that they aren't very reliable? Or did you thoroughly analyze their hosting center set-up, security strategies, down-time, support and cyber liability policy? Our hosting is optimized for Sitemason performance and protection of your customer's valuable web assets.