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The Sitemason Ecosystem

Sitemason ecosystem of Beahm Design, Thomas McElroy Consulting, and Kristen Beahm

Just as Sitemason has expertise in content management, the Sitemason family has niche expertise of its own. Sitemason's platform allows for these niche strengths to organically create something not only new, but essential.

When long-time Sitemason user Mimi Bliss of Bliss Communications learned of Tom McElroy's need for a new website for Thomas McElroy Consulting, she thought of Sitemason.

"I recommended Sitemason because it's local, reliable, cost-effective and easy to use," Bliss said. "I've been a Sitemason customer since the company was founded and always refer people to Sitemason first."

Sitemason in turn recognized the expertise of partner Kristen Beahm of Beahm Design, who created the design for the website. Sitemason then converted these design files into a template.

"Development is in really good hands, so I can focus on my client's marketing and visual design goals without distraction," Beahm said.

McElroy wanted to highlight the expertise of his company, which among other things, "builds dynamic strategic marketing plans, creates powerful provider networks, enhances the effectiveness of boards of directors, and increases market share for healthcare organizations."

Now he has a website that grew from the Sitemason ecosystem of partners and users.

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Sitemason is the preferred alternative to WordPress and Drupal for agencies, designers, and developers. Creatives choose to Build on Us to achieve client success.  Read more about Sitemason Support.

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