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Sitemason Webmail Interface Upgrade

Screenshot of email interface headerNext week we are rolling out an upgraded webmail interface for all retail Sitemason users to increase usability and ease of use.

You can log into Sitemason webmail at

You'll see the changes sometime between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Central Time next Monday August 30, or Tuesday August 31. Below are the changes you'll see. The upgrade will happen automatically and won't require any action. Feel free to contact our Customer Care team if you have any questions. We are available at (615) 301-2600 ext. 3 or at

No passwords will be changed. The webmail interface upgrade will not affect how your email functions when checking email with mobile devices or email programs such as Outlook or Mac Mail. The upgrade also doesn't affect anyone not using Sitemason mail, such as users from Vanderbilt University and other universities.

Sitemason's Upgraded Webmail Interface

Here are the changes that you will see.

1. Overview

  • With the introduction of the Unified Toolbar, checkboxes now behave differently.

For instance, if you check 3 emails in a folder and then click on one of them. In the past, all 3 emails would remain checked. In the redesign, when the user clicks on one of the 3 checked emails, all of them become unchecked with the clicked email being displayed in the preview pane (if active). We now display the subjects of the checked emails in the preview pane, and those can be clicked to read an email and have the checkboxes remain checked.

  • Icons in the message list have been strategically relocated.
  • Pagination is in a new location and functions differently.
  • The preview pane and read mail popup are fully scrollable (including the email header)
  • Attachments are displayed differently
  • The font has been changed for ease of use

2. Header Notes

Tabs have been replaced by links within the header of the application (see below).

3. Email Toolbar Notes

All actions within the Email section of Sitemason Wemail have been placed in a unified toolbar instead of 3-4 dispersed toolbars.

"More" dropdown has replaced the "Select Action" dropdown.

Screenshot of email interface toolbar

4. Read Mail Window

View Email Headers’ is found under the ‘More’ dropdown in the unified toolbar

5. Search Notes

  • Search now searches all folders by default.

    (If the user wants to search an individual folder, they can do so on the search results page (modify toolbar) or via advanced search.)
  • Search will have similar functions, but will look slightly different.
  • The drop down arrow now triggers the advanced panel.

Screenshot of email interface search

Screenshot of email interface advanced search

6. Calendar / Tasks / Notes / Contacts

Major actions within these sections have been moved into toolbars.

Screenshot of email interface in full

If you have any questions about this upgrade, please contact our Customer Care team. We are available at (615) 301-2600 ext. 3 or at

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