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Sitemason Status Page

Sitemason Status Page screenshotHeading into the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend, we are announcing the release of the Sitemason Status Page located at It's not the most exciting announcement we've ever made, but an extremely important one for transparency and accountability. 

We had a major outage earlier this month, when a problem at our Amazon Web Services hosting facility caused cascading issues for our platform. Our uptime for the month of November is still over 99% so in the big picture, things are fine, but it's still below the service levels we expect to offer. 

As a result, we are providing a public status page located in a redundant facility nowhere near the Sitemason services so you will always know what's going on with the Sitemason platform. Bookmark it, visit it often, or remember the URL. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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Billy is a web developer and Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Sitemason, and has been with the company since 2006.  Read more about Billy White.

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