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Sitemason 6 Watch: Talking APIs with Tim Moses

As part of our look in at the continued progress of the new version of Sitemason, we asked Tim Moses, lead developer and CEO, to tell us a bit more about the new API's inner workings.

Hey Tim, how are you and those 7 kids?!
OK, enough with the chit chat. So, Tim, tell us about the new API. What makes it so great?
Tim. Tim. TIM!
Tim: (Takes off headphones) What?
See question above.
Tim: What?
I just asked you a question like two minutes ago.
Tim: How could I see a question asked two minutes ago?
It's for the internet, you can see everything there. Nevermind. Tell us about the new API.
Tim: I'm in the middle of working on the new caching system. Can this wait?
Tim, there's people reading this RIGHT NOW.
Tim: Oh… Well the new API puts a priority on three key focuses. Efficiency, speed and flexibility. The backend API uses JSON responses generated through modPERL connecting to a PostgreSQL database via an HTTP request. It's blazing fast and all that technology is behind the scenes so on the front end, developers can update everything through a few PHP calls. They can also interact with the API to create their own interfaces, making the platform dramatically more extensible for integrating with their favorite services.
… huh?
Tim: Are we done?
Nope, a couple more questions. First…
Tim: (puts on headphones)
And there you have it folks, an inside first look at the new Sitemason API. We hope you're as excited as we are to launch it to the world.

**Neither Tim, nor a real journalist took part in this interview. In fact, Tim is pretty upset a fake interviewer took this many liberties with his persona. How do these imaginary people keep getting into our office?

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