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Sharing reports in the Commerce tool

The Commerce tool lets you generate custom reports tailored to what different people in your organization may need. The only problem is you would still have to get the reports out of the Commerce tool yourself since there was no sharing.

We recently added an option to share each custom report with a group of users. Now you can make a shipping report and the person doing the fulfillment can get the report herself without seeing any credit card information. You get the idea.

Share this report with...To share a report, create an editor group in your User Manager for each group of Sitemason users who will share a report. In the Commerce tool, edit an existing report or create a new one from the “Manage Data” tab. You will see a new menu called “Share this report with…”. Just select the group of users who should be able to see this report and save the report.

On their end, they will see your Commerce tool in a pink Shared Tool group in their Site Manager. Once they move to a site or tool group, they will only see the Setup and Manage Data tabs and on the Manage Data tab, they will only have the option to export the report you shared.

Shared report in Manage Data  
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