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NPT Builds on Sitemason, Online Pledges Increase 80%

Illustration by Kevin Kennedy,

Before their big annual spring pledge campaign, Nashville Public Television was looking to modernize their online donations and expand giving options for their members. They chose Sitemason as their platform for developing a simple solution to a complex problem.

"When we set out to design a responsive web tool for such a specific need, I was apprehensive of the challenges ahead," said Melissa Eli, Development Associate at NPT. "We had some very specific goals in mind: allow members to easily select ongoing monthly giving levels, increase EFT [Electronic Funds Transfer] payments and, of course, increase the amount of on-line donations overall."

Sitemason proposed a donations site for three main gift types: one-time donations, ongoing monthly donations, and the option to select a gift with a donation as either sustainer or one-time. Payment options were expanded beyond credit cards to include EFT, PayPal, and Check by Mail. In addition to the main donation site, NPT also needed a solution to easily embed donation forms within their pages on to increase engagement.

Screenshot of

Screenshot of

"The Sitemason team surprised and impressed me with their willingness and ability to develop a strong understanding of our business model. The process was much easier than anticipated due to this deep understanding and the commitment Sitemason had towards our organizational goals," Eli continued. "We were truly on the same team."

The results speak for themselves.

Flexible giving options: One-Time, Ongoing Sustainer, With a Gift

NPT Giving Options

Screenshots of donation options for One-Time, Ongoing Monthly, and Donations with a Gift

"Allowing our members to easily opt for a sustaining membership led to an increase in the average donation level. 29% of members making web donations during our Spring membership campaign chose to become sustaining members.  This was one factor which led to a significant increase in the average size of the online donation this year as compared with last." - Melissa Eli, Development Associate, Nashville Public Television

One-page Checkout with multiple payment options: Credit Card, PayPal, EFT, Mail Check

one page checkoutIn the run-up to the NPT project, Sitemason had just announced the release of the Store for Sitemason 6, bringing our enterprise e-commerce into the fold of the successful new SM6 interface.

The SM6 Store included an upgraded integration with FoxyCart – the fantastic shopping cart service that handles all the hard stuff like payment processing, gateway integration, PCI compliance, shipping and tax calculation. The FoxyCart one-page checkout in particular is an excellent example of the success that can be realized when you put a priority on keeping the user experience as simple as possible.

Screenshot of the streamlined one page checkout


Premium Management

The Donation with a Gift option as well as the many embeddable forms all rely on premium details managed in the Sitemason CMS. The goal of the Donation with a Gift option was to make the process of donating similar to an enjoyable online shopping experience where visitors can browse beautiful gifts and make multiple selections for their donation.

Screenshots of the premiums in Sitemason 6

Screenshots of premiums management in the Sitemason 6 interface

"The solution created by Sitemason was done with our target market in mind. Because of this, our members find it easy to understand and navigate." - Melissa Eli, Development Associate, Nashville Public Television

Custom Order Export for Allegiance Software

A key requirement for NPT was to integrate their online orders into their member management software Allegiance. Sitemason customized the order export to align with the fields needed for import into Allegiance so the member profile could be updated with the donation.

order exports

Screenshot of order exports in the Sitemason 6 interface

Form Embeds Builder

NPT form embed builder

Screenshot of the form embeds builder in the Sitemason 6 interface

Spring Pledge Campaign Statistics

"We had nearly an 80% increase in online pledges as compared to March 2013, with 15% opting for an EFT or Paypal payment and 29% becoming sustaining members." - Melissa Eli, Development Associate, Nashville Public Television

34%  Increase in number of donations
30%  Increase in average donation amount
80%  Increase in dollars pledged
29%  Of all pledges were Ongoing Monthly Sustainer
16.5%  Donations using alternative payment types (EFT, PayPal, Mail in Check)


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Billy is a web developer and Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Sitemason, and has been with the company since 2006.  Read more about Billy White.

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