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Major Improvements to Page Builder 5

The new Page Builder 5 just got a bunch of new features. It is close to going live and becoming the default version.
  • move - You can now move pages between sites and site sections. Look for "Move..." under the Page menu.
  • transfer - You can transfer pages to other Sitemason users. Look for "Transfer..." under the Page menu.
  • revert - You can replace your draft version of a page with the current live version. Look for "Revert..." under the Page menu.
  • auto-save - The Page Builder automatically saves your draft version periodically as you work. To make your draft version live, click "Save" instead of "Save as Draft".
  • activity indicator - There is a spinning indicator and message next to the Save buttons to tell you when the Page Builder is saving or reverting.
  • new save buttons - The "Save" and "Save as Draft" buttons have been moved from the bottom of the window to the right side of the title bar. Hopefully, this will be a more convenient location.
Enterprise customers will receive the new features in the coming week.

Page Builder move feature
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