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New Version of Webkit Helps Web Developers

Webkit is the open source browser engine behind Safari, Google Chrome, Apple Mail, the iPhone, Google Android, Palm Pre, and possibly new Blackberries. The built-in Webkit Inspector has become one of the slickest and best tools for web developers for debugging HTML, CSS, and Javascript. As of yesterday, it just got even better.

Moses Speaks at Mac Users webSIG

Tim Moses, one of the founders of Sitemason, spoke at the Nashville Mac Users webSIG on Sunday. Topics ranged from what it takes for a graphic designer to get started producing websites to how a content management system makes managing web sites easier to how web servers work.

Sitemason Update, July 23rd

The News Feed and Calendar tools now support RSS/iTunes cover art.

All Sitemason V tools (Calendar, News Feed, and upgraded Page Builder) now support Internet Explorer 8 in the admin area.

Other fixes ...       

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