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Sitemason HTML5 Boilerplate Template

For those interested in developing websites on the Sitemason CMS platform, your starting off point just got a whole lot cooler. 

Inspired by the work being done at, Sitemason beefed up their own boilerplate adding lots ofHTML5 goodness and bunches of new Sitemason PHP Library methods. 

Go checkout the boilerplate!

For more info, read up on the improvements that were made to the PHP Library in the Sitemason Developers Group.

Sitemason Webmail Interface Upgrade

Screenshot of email interface header

Next week we are rolling out an upgraded webmail interface for all retail Sitemason users to increase usability and ease of use.

You can log into Sitemason webmail at

You'll see the changes sometime between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Central Time next Monday August 30, or Tuesday August 31. Below are the changes you'll see. The upgrade will happen automatically and won't require any action. Feel free to contact our Customer Care team if you have any questions. We are available at (615) 301-2600 ext. 3 or at

No passwords will be changed. The webmail interface upgrade will not affect how your email functions when checking email with mobile devices or email programs such as Outlook or Mac Mail. The upgrade also doesn't affect anyone not using Sitemason mail, such as users from Vanderbilt University and other universities.

PHP Templates get printRelatedArticles();


Today we added a new PHP method to our ever-growing framework. This is a simple way to add related articles for your blog or news feed. The tag-based call by default grabs the 5 most recent articles using tags it detects in the currently viewed article. 

Vanderbilt's Sitemason-Powered Calendar

Calendar iconAlong with Vanderbilt's website redesign, the Sitemason-powered calendar got a fresh look.

The calendar is driven by Sitemason tools. Various Vanderbilt users are able to submit events and then administrators can approve and edit events.

Visitors to the site have robust filtering, searching, and exporting options. Here are some of the calendar tool's robust features.

To add a calendar tool to your website, log into Sitemason, click "add a tool" and add a calendar tool.

Recent Forum Posts

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