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Coda2 Plugin Set for Lists

Updated Dec. 10, 2013


The Coda 2 List Transformer Plugin was recently updated by Tim for the Coda 2.5 beta and upcoming plugin store. Major improvements include automatic recognition of list type so there are now 20 functions that apply to 5 different list types: Comma, Line Break, Space, Tab, and Unordered/Ordered Lists. That's 100 total functions, including new math functions too! Original text from 5/29/2012 is below.


Last week, the Sitemason developers migrated to Panic's new text editor, Coda2. This was not a trivial move, as we have used the same text editor for 17 years! One necessary byproduct was the conversion of all our list helper functions into Coda2 Plugins.

The Plugin Set is appropriately called "List Transformer" and it applies 10 common list conversions to 4 different types of lists (that's 40 functions for those counting at home). Download the Plugins now.

To use, select a list of items, then look for functions under the type of list you have selected. For example, if you select a comma separated list, look for functions under Plug-ins:List Transformer:Comma.

Download Coda2 PluginsThe list types are:

  • Comma separated. Ex: apples, oranges, bananas
  • Line-break separated. Ex:
  • Space separated. Ex: apples oranges bananas
  • Tab separated. Ex: apples     oranges     bananas

Conversions for each include:

  • Convert to - comma, line-break, space, or tab separated list
  • Increment - replaces any # signs with an incremented number
  • Normalize - cleans up white space
  • Quote ' - wraps each list item with single quotes ( 'apple' )
  • Quote " - wraps each list item with double quotes ( "apple" )
  • Remove duplicates
  • Reverse - changes the order of the list to its reverse
  • Sort - orders by alpha or numeric values

Enjoy, and let us know in comments if you have any questions or suggestions!

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