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Additional SEO Fields Now Available

Window Title field in a News tool screenshotWe've added some fields to the new tools that give users additional control over that oh-so-coveted <title> and <meta> data that SEO specialists crave.

In tool Setups, you now have the option to define both the navigation title, e.g. the name of the page in your site's navigation menu, as well as the window title which appears atop your browser window. This allows you to specify a more detailed page title which helps to generate added descriptive titles, which search engines love.

There is also a new "SEO" tab in the tool setup windows which gives space to add meta Descriptions and Keywords per page.

SEO Description field in a News tool screenshotAdditionally, the Sitemason back-end has been reworked in regard to meta data, so that descriptions & keywords are generated from a variety of sources including tags, summaries, as well as page & section meta fields

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Billy is a web developer and Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Sitemason, and has been with the company since 2006.  Read more about Billy White.

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