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Click Local: Nashville Edition

Nashville is a pretty neat place. It's notable of course for its music, publishing, and healthcare industries. However Nashville has been making quite a name for itself as a technology town. Recently named separately as one of the best cities for startups, tech jobs, and as a city of the future, Nashville's star is certainly rising.

A tech town is only as good as its companies, of course. And today we want to highlight a handful of those that glowingly represent our city and are models and inspirations to us here at Sitemason. 


Emma logo No conversation of web services in Nashville can happen without the inclusion of Emma, the email marketing company launched in the salad days of the internet way back in 2003. Emma's rise and subsequent defining of exactly what email marketing is has lead the industry and sat atop the Nashville success charts since.

Griffin Technology

Griffin logo With the launch of the "iRevolution," Griffin positioned themselves as the leading accessory maker for Apple's line of devices. From iPhone cases to remote control attack helicopters, Griffin is redefining what an accessory can be. Just how far has Griffin's reach stretched? How about a retail store at the London Olympics!


FoxyCart logo Those spending any time with the Sitemason platform, no doubt understand our love affair with FoxyCart. The online shopping cart provider is a revolutionary concept in e-commerce. "Leave the design, layout, and products up to the user, and send the orders to us and we'll handle it from there." An idea that marries beautifully with Sitemason's offerings. Though FoxyCart was started by two handsome Southern California gents, one half of that duo found themselves in lovely Tennessee and incorporated their ambitious venture right here.


Moontoast logo If anyone deserves credit for helping to build the burgeoning tech town of Nashville, it's Marcus Whitney. A Moontoast co-founder, he also had a hand in establishing Emma, Jumpstart Foundry, and BarCamp amongst other endeavors. Moontoast is a social commerce platform for monetizing fans. Not exactly a problem you or I are likely to have, but if you're a nationally recognized actor, artist, or otherwise on the cover of Us Weekly, fans are your livelihood, and Moontoast offers a suite of apps to connect the two.


Raven logo In this day and age of online advertising, social networks, and search engines, agencies are having a harder and harder time keeping up with it all. More importantly showing their clients the value they're providing through these new mediums in concrete dollars and cents. Enter Raven, an internet marketing platform to keep track of the chaotic enterprise of reaching out online.

Other upstarts to keep your eye on are the newly launched social video mashup service Streamweaver, the "Richer than an email, Faster than a website" communication service, and the teach-a-class/take-a-class education service The Skillery.

If you want to get involved in the Nashville tech community, or learn more about the tech companies that make up this great city, reach out to the Entrepreneur Center, JumpStart Foundry, the Nashville Technology Council, or attend the upcoming Barcamp "un-conference."

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Billy is a web developer and Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Sitemason, and has been with the company since 2006.  Read more about Billy White.

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