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More Than Hosting

Cloud services AWS, support, and monitoringLets be honest, when an organization first gets started on a website, they rarely weigh the benefits of hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) vs installed software like WordPress or Drupal. They rely on their web designer to come up with the technical solution.

Sitemason, of course, is a hosted platform and has been since our inception way back in 2001. Part of our mission is to extol the benefits of the entire SaaS concept. So naturally, when we work with clients and partners, part of the initiation process is to explain the benefits of our hosted platform. If you're in the mood for a list, it's your lucky day. We present to you the top 5 benefits of our hosted content management platform:

1) Upgrades are Miserable

You've likely experienced the dreaded software upgrade. Inevitably something breaks in the process and "2 minutes of work" turns into a full day of costs. With Sitemason, updates are applied automatically. New features simply appear and security patches are deployed while you concern yourself with more pleasant thoughts than giant "Upgrade Now" buttons staring you dow, ruining your carefree weekend.

2) Scalability

Sitemason is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leader and inventor in many ways of the modern cloud computing movement. As such, we are able to offer all our clients the reliability and scalability of a Fortune 500 company.

3) Security & Recovery

We constantly run security scans on our system. In fact, many of our more sensitive clients require us to maintain certain levels of security compliance. At the same time, there are no absolutes, and that's why we implement an aggressive backup regiment with failsafe measures in place to recover from the unthinkable. So whether you lose a file, or an entire site, we have your back(up)!

4) Monitoring

With most web hosts, if you exceed your bandwidth limit, your site access will be limited if not shut down entirely. Imagine that. Your host has jeopardized the very success you worked so hard to get with this very spike! Sitemason will never cut you off if your traffic spikes above your limit. We will call you, determine what is causing the spike, and craft a pricing plan that makes sense for both of us. We aren't kidding when we say we're your partner. Our success is your success.

5) Live Support

Many web hosts offer great support, heck, some set the industry standard. But when have you been able to call your host to help with a problem native to your site? You can't call WordPress. GoDaddy won't help you with your code. Sitemason has a dedicated support staff. Real. Live. And chances are we'll actually know who you are. How novel. And did we mention it's included? That alone can be a savings of hundreds of dollars a month.

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Billy is a web developer and Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Sitemason, and has been with the company since 2006.  Read more about Billy White.

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