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Sitemason 6 Watch: Interface Font Icons

Screenshot of Sitemason's custom font icon setFor those of you keeping up with the Responsive Web Design movement and/or the progress on our new interface, we're extremely excited to show off our new font icons. As part of the interface redesign, Kevin Kennedy went back to the bottomless well that is his creative mind to invent Sitemason's own font icon set.

If you're saying, "Wait a minute, did you say Font Icons? You must be confused." I'm so glad you pointed out my penchant for confusion, but in this case, I'm not crazy. 

See the full Font Icon Set

As our fearless leader Thomas Conner pointed out when he first saw them, font icons are closely related to the Webdings concept. Icons that are as flexible as fonts (scalable to any size, keep a standard ratio, colors and effects can easily be applied), but offer unique visual queues in an interface. So in the most literal sense, they are fonts. When you type "a", you get a Plus sign, or a "!", you get a checked box.

In the new Sitemason interface, we will be using our shiny new font icons in a number of ways. Easily scaling icons between screen sizes is a must. Icons on a desktop may be larger than those on a phone, so it will be much easier to scale than to replace with a separate image for the various screen sizes.

White labeling is another benefit. Since the new interface doesn't rely on a single image, resellers can apply their own color schemes or even their own icons, if they're feeling ambitious, to completely customize their client's interface.

Ultimately, it's one small nerdy piece to a very large puzzle, but one we're very excited about because, well, we're nerds. More reading can be found here here and here.

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Billy is a web developer and Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Sitemason, and has been with the company since 2006.  Read more about Billy White.

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