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Sitemason 6 Watch: Design Preview

As mentioned, a healthy four months ago, this year Sitemason has centered its focus on a new version of our eponymous content management platform. We are calling it Sitemason 6. 

Last month, we finalized our new interface designs thanks in large (sole?) part to the immensely talented designer Kevin Kennedy over at our partner Signal Hill. Today we'd like to offer a sneak peak at our new direction. It's a pretty distinct reinvention, so make sure you're sitting down!

There are two primary principles that have driven our approach to the new interface. First, one interface, any device. Sitemason will be accessible on any width device supporting a modern browser. Users will be able to manage their sites on both click and touch screens, like a desktop, tablet or phone.

Second, primary views are displayed as Panels that slide over their parent. For example, a page will slide over the site list. Or an article will slide over a news page. Additionally, each panel has supporting content in Tabs in the right column. 

Content Panels

Interface Site View

The main site panel showing a list of pages and navigation. Tabs in the right column offer supporting content for the current view.


Interface List Page

An example list page panel, like News or Calendar. Notice how it appears above the parent site panel.


Interface Detail Panel

An example item panel, like an article in a News page, or an event in a Calendar page.



Another newly introduced concept is the idea that any changes which modify the list are considered Actions. Actions appear above the list in the Actions Bar and can be applied to multiple selected list items. Below, an example of adding and deleting a page to a site.

Interface Action - Add Page

An Add Page Action in the site panel reveals the page options available in the Action Bar.

Interface Action - Delete

A Delete Action allows you to select multiple items in the list for batch deletion.


To apply quick actions to individual items, we've created a Shortcut Gear to the left of each item in a list. This would be handy if you need to quickly change a title, path, layout, etc. for an item.

Interface Action - Shortcut Gear

A Shortcut Gear is available per item to quickly modify a single item in the list. 



You may have noticed in the previous screenshots, a persistent help button in the bottom right. We believe there is lots of room for improvement when it comes to supporting an online service, so we've created an intelligent Help service that provides a gateway to all of our support resources. It's an unobtrusive button that, when clicked, extends  to reveal quick links to the resources you know and love. More importantly, it follows your every click, explaining the various features and actions available in Sitemason in real time. Use it as on-the-go training for first time users, or quick reminders of Sitemason features.

Interface Help

A persistent Help button is selected to reveal an extensive list of support options as well as an explanation of your last click.

Interface Help Overlay

When clicking Read More from the explanation of your last click, support documentation is revealed above the Help menu.



Searching will be a key centerpiece of the new interface, from any list panel. A simple text search will return a list matching your query. Advanced options are toggled to refine a search. Notably, the Sitemason Search results partner with the powerful exporting features to export the current list results. This would be very handy when trying to export articles with a specific tag or pages in the navigation.

Interface Search

Advanced Searching in Sitemason allows you to easily find content in large lists.


Let us know what you think in comments or email Thanks!

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Billy is a web developer and Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Sitemason, and has been with the company since 2006.  Read more about Billy White.

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