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The Meet Sitemason Series: Billy White

The Meet Sitemason Series

The Meet Sitemason Series header: Billy White

Billy posting with a baseball bat and Sitemason branded softballYou may have talked to us on the phone or emailed us, but let us paint a picture of who we are so you'll know how each of us can serve you!

Meet Billy White

Sitemason template wizard and newlywed Billy White is your go to resource for building websites on Sitemason's CMS platform.

His accomplishments don't go unrecognized. Recently Billy was awarded "Employee of the Week" honors after selflessly replacing our soap-dispensing sponge brush.

Here are some of Billy's recent projects he has launched by closely working with our partners:

Billy spends the rest of his days training developers on Sitemason's platform, and nights dreaming up the next addition to our ever-increasing PHP Library.

Billy posing with his wife on his wedding day.If you've haven't had the chance to interact with Billy yet, we'll begin to endear him to you by showing off his precious wedding photos; He recently married the girl of his dreams, Katie.

Luckily Sitemason CEO Tim Moses brought a handful of his seven children to the wedding so we had enough people for an impromptu Sitemason dodgeball match. We'll tell you more about Tim next month!

Wedding photo by White Rabbit Studios

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Sitemason is the preferred alternative to WordPress and Drupal for agencies, designers, and developers. Creatives choose to Build on Us to achieve client success.  Read more about Sitemason Support.

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